Ukraine: Support for homeless refugee families

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Support to homeless Ukrainian refugee families in Chernivtsi (RefuFam)

Country: Ukraine
Region: Chernivtsi

01.11.2014 – 31.07.2016

Project partner:

Narodna Dopomoha (Volkshilfe Ukraine)


Austrian Federal Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Consumer Protection, Narodna Dopomoha, Volkshilfe


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Expected results:

As a result of the conflict in regions of Eastern Ukraine having started in February 2014 and political changes in the (Autonomous) Republic Crimea according to UNHCR a total of 1,438 million Ukrainians have fled within their own country by August 2015. 95% of the refugees originate from Eastern Ukraine while 5% fled Crimea[1]. UNHCR points out a high number of unreported cases, especially in regard to Crimea.

Due to a delayed implementation of a national strategy (legislation on IDPs, supporting programmes) most refugees had to rely on their own and their families' and friends' resources to cover their basic needs. They are exhausted and many refugees are threatened or already concerned by homelessness.

Since April 2014 ND actively takes care of the social support for those many IDPs. The registration centre of ND for homeless people started legal and socio-psychological counselling and succeeded at obtaining preliminary registration for numerous refugees to receive social benefits and to be able to apply for jobs.


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