Humanitarian aid

People's Aid Austria (Volkshilfe Österreich) was founded in 1947 as an impartial and non-profit-making charity organisation to support people suffering from hunger, unemployment and deficient health care after World War II.
This humanitarian and solidary approach was – within nearly 70 years since its formation - taken to an international level to enable worldwide support to people in need.
Within the framework of this international cooperation People's Aid has already implemented numerous projects in almost 30 countries.

As regards content, those supporting measures are imputed either to development cooperation or to humanitarian aid. Development cooperation projects - jointly implemented with local partner organisations - are based on long-term aims which shall help to sustainably cover assessed needs of a specific target group (more information can be found under Development Cooperation), while activities in the field of humanitarian aid react to urgent crisis situations (disasters) in the short-term.

People's Aid pursues with its work in humanitarian aid the following aims:

Within the framework of crisis situations People's Aid provides support in the event of natural disasters, armed conflicts or technological catastrophes in the fields of

People's Aid is committed to comply with international quality standards of humanitarian aid: the Code of Conduct, developed by the Red Crescent movement, including a catalogue of ten internationally recognised principles defining actions in crisis situations, and the SPHERE Standards including a Humanitarian Charta and minimum standards in humanitarian response.

Ongoing humanitarian aid project:

Finished humanitarian aid projects:

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