Iraq: Emergency relief for IDPs in the Germyan region

Project title:      

Humanitarian aid for internally displaced people in the Germyan region

Country: Iraq

Khanaqin (provinces Baqooba, Dyala, Salahaddin) und Kifri (province Sulaimania)

Duration:  01.09.2014 – 28.02.2015 and 01.06.2015 – 31.12.2015
Project partner: Haukari
Donors: Neighbour in Need, Volkshilfe


Project goals: 

Refugee crisis in northern Iraq

Based on estimations of UNHCR currently 2.8 million people in Iraq fled from “IS” terror as well as combat actions against “IS”. A huge portion of the refugees seek protection in the North of Iraq which is under Kurdish administration. Refugees from the provinces Anbar, Salahaddin und Dyala in Central Iraq mainly settle in the Germyan region.

Emergency relief concentrates on the cities of Khanaqin and Kifri in this region.

In Khanaqin thousands of refugees are placed in emergency shelters of which approx. 1.800 families (~ 9.000 persons) are of Sunni Arab origin and live in tent camps. In the small city of Kifri approx. 500 Kurdish and Arab families (~ 2.500 people) live in emergency shelters.

Emergeny relief (additional nutrition for babies/children under three years of age, hygiene products for women, medication, psycho-social counselling) will continue for approx. 2.300 families (~ 11.500 people) of which 1.100 are babies/infants and their mothers. All measures will be accompanied by counselling teams for health, hygiene and nutrition issues and psycho-social support.

The implementation of the project is carried out by local teams of the Germyan NPO HAUKARI in cooperation with its local partners Kurdistan Health Foundation (KHF) and the women's center KHANZAD in Sulaimania.

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