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Geographical Location:  South Asia
Capital: Kathmandu
Population:   26,5 millions (1)
Area:   147.181 km2
GDP/capita: 450 $
Median income/capita:   519 $ (2)
Life expectancy:   66,86 years (3)
Human Development Index (HDI):  0,540 (globally ranked 145th of 187) (4)
Gender Gap Index: 0,6458 (globally ranked Platz 112 von 142) (5)



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Our project in Nepal:

Nepal is amongst the least developed countries worldwide. Its economy is based on the agriculture and is marked by the increasing rate of poverty, illiteracy and underdeveloped resources. More than 60 % of population is neither able to read nor to write. Women are in the majority amongst the illiterate. To this day they are also not allowed to own land according to law. Poverty in Nepal is the product of underdeveloped production structures, the high population growth, the lack of political willingness and possibilities in commercialization, insufficient technologies, under- and unemployment, administrative inefficiency and the lack of foreign support.

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