Bosnia and Herzegovina: Securing livelihood in Doboj and Zenica

Project title:       Securing livelihood after floods in the regions of Doboj and Zenica
Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina
Region: Doboj and Zenica
Duration:  01.12.2014 – 30.06.2015
Project partner: Solidar Suisse, YCC, ZORA Zenica
Donors: Neighbour in Need, Volkshilfe


Project objectives: 


More than 30 people lost their lives and about 1 million people had to leave their houses of which about 100.000 were totally destroyed.

Especially concerned is that part of the population (in Bosnia and Herzegovina approx. 60%) which depends on own production and the sale of agricultural products (vegetables, fruit, dairy farming and animal husbandry).

By disseminating construction material to the most severely affected the project will enable 58 families in and around Zenica (Bosnia and Herzegovina) as well as in and around Doboj (Republika Srpska) to restore their houses and to return to their homes.

A special focus will be put on socially week families whose existence is especially threatened. In terms of a participatory approach suitable family members will support the reconstruction of the buildings.

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