Albania: Perspectives through access to education

Project title:      

Fostering educational needs of marginalised children and young women in the ex-swamp area of Durrës / Albania ("PerEdu")

Country: Albania
Region: Durrës

01.11.2014 – 30.11.2015

Project partner:

Community Development Center "Today for the Future" (CDC-TFF)

Donors: City of Vienna, Volkshilfe


Project objectives: 


With this project we intend to contribute to a positive social and economical development of the former swamp areas of Durrës. By supporting especially marginalised groups of society in the field of education and training: Enhancing the integration of Roma-children, children of (internal) migrants and of children who are at risk of being excluded from school. The activities will be implemented in kindergartens and pre-schools.

In addition, professional and life skills of young women with a problematic social or economic background will be developed by providing non-formal vocational education and training as well as psycho-social support to enable them to enter the job market and to experience support as victims of domestic violence.

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