Serbia: Reconstruction of housing in Šabac

Project title:       Reconstruction of housing in Šabac

Country:            Serbia

Region:             Macva District

Duration:           01.11.2014 – 31.10.2015

Project partner:  ICTTI

Donors:             City of Vienna, City of Šabac, Volkshilfe

Project objectives: 

To assist 252 households in the poorest villages around the City of Šabac by reconstructing and by providing elementary equipment to residential and auxiliary residential objects.

The area of Šabac (Serbia) was among the areas hit by the flood catastrophe of May 2014. Šabac became very important as an area to be protected from upcoming waves as flooding of the biggest chemical plant in Serbia would have cost the lives of an estimated 7.000 citizens and devastating damage to the environment. Hence villages before the Šabac industrial plants were sacrificed both on Croatian and Serbian sides. By widening the flooding area a larger disaster could be avoided.

Despite all international support and governmental efforts to bring the affected areas back to normal not all citizens have been able to return to their homes yet as the restricted governmental budget necessitated stringent damage categorisation norms for compensation.

Simultaneously, a minor number of households, fractioned over the different villages, received assistance from various organizations providing help to alleviate the effects of the floods.

However, a large number of households (whose residential objects or equipment were damaged by this natural disaster and who submitted requests for compensation) did not receive compensation and will not be compensated due to a lack of governmental financial means.

The selection committee identified 252 households which were not listed for damage compensation but are in desperate need of support.

The beneficiaries will – on the one hand – be supported through rehabilitation measures (water supply, heating, elimination of mould, repair of cracks, etc.) and – on the other hand – through supply of equipment for daily use (kitchen furniture, therms, ovens, refrigerators, mattresses, etc.).

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