Saharawi refugee camps/ Algeria: Fostering women's and infant's health

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Fostering women's' and infants' health through midwife trainings




Tindouf (Saharawi refugee camps)


Since the 80ies until today


Volkshilfe Austria, Volkshilfe Solidarity


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Saharawi, no matter if they live in the part of Western Sahara occupied by Morocco or in the Algerian refugee camps for 40 years now, urgently require external support. About 160.000 inhabitants of the refugee camps live in this desert environment which provides insufficient access to drinking water, which does not enable self-supply with food and which makes medical care a challenge or even impossible.

Volkshilfe Solidarity supports children and mother in the refugee camps in the field of obstetrics by providing an Austrian expert who provides trainings for midwives and medical equipment and drugs.

To reach enhanced awareness on an Austrian and European level, Volkshilfe Solidarity initiated the campaign "Raise your hand for Westsahara ( through which information about and in connection with Western Sahara and its problematic history as well as photos of supporters are being published.


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