Mitigation of poverty caused by Covid-19 in Ukraine

After the start of the Ukraine conflict in 2014, Volkshilfe in cooperation with Narodna Dopomoha Ukraine (NDU) started the "RefuFam" program to support internally displaced persons (IDPs) to re-start their lives in Chernivtsi. In 2016 a group of women – both IDPs and host community members – started to emerge, that was interested in crafting. They received support through trainings for both their crafting skills as well as marketing and sales of their products. In 2019 the project QuAC (Support of skill development and labour market integration of vulnerable communities in Czernowitz) started, which was directed to the development of skills relevant for the labor market, which is essential for long-term integration through proper job/income opportunities. The activities of QuAC included the provision of vocational trainings and activities for personal development, the establishment of a local network of stakeholders to facilitate labor market integration, and an informational campaign about the access to the labor market for women. Besides that, the project contained capacity development components for the local partner organization and exchange activities with the Eastern region of the Ukraine to continue reducing tensions between host community and IDPs.

The new Covid-19 reality in the Ukraine has severely affected the socio-economic and health situation of the population in general and especially the project's beneficiaries and has enhanced the risks of psychological / social / health / economic deprivation for IDPs and vulnerable members of host communities (Chernivtsi and East). Therefore the project "Mitigation of poverty caused by Covid-19 in Ukraine" will focus on alleviating the consequences of COVID-19 pandemic / lockdown on the life of the beneficiaries (women, IDPs). This will be achieved by supporting the beneficiaries in their coping mechanisms, by promoting a healthier lifestyle to increase their wellbeing and by a continued contribution to the reconciliation between East & West Ukraine.

Our goals:

  1. To support beneficiaries in their coping mechanisms to respond to the consequences of the COVID – 19 pandemic and lockdown and reduce impact on poverty
  2. To support beneficiaries' health and wellbeing in the Covid-19 situation
  3. To contribute to the reconciliation between East & West Ukraine through best practice exchange and mutual activities during Covid-19 and post-crisis period

Project information

Region: Czernowitz
Duration: Dec 2020 – June 2022
Project partners: Narodna Dopomoha Ukraine – local NGO
Funding bodies: Austrian Federal Ministry of Social Affairs, Health, Care and Consumer Protection, Narodna Dopomoha Ukraine (NDU), Volkshilfe Solidarität


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