"A City That Cares" - Home Care Services for the Elderly in Novi Sad

Assistance for older people in urban areas to strengthen their capacity for independent and active living.

Novi Sad is the second largest city in Serbia with a population of approximately 50 000 individuals over the age of 65 of which close to a quarter lives on or below the poverty line. Over 40% need assistance with activities of daily living.

Needs-oriented services provided by public institutions are completely insufficient leaving many older people dependent on support from social organisations.
Providing health promotion measures and activities that facilitate a more intensive participation in social life, the project “Novi Sad - A City That Cares“ ensures that the elderly receive the support they need to lead a more active, healthy and self-determined life. The establishment of home care services and the reinforcement of neighbourly support structures not only assist the old people, but also relieve their family members.

Besides, information activities contribute to a growing public awareness for the problems and needs of older persons living in an urban area. This in turn strengthens the spirit of solidarity and willingness to help in local communities.

Project information

Country (region):

  • Serbia (Novi Sad)

Duration: October 2018 - November 2020

Project partner: 

  • NSHC - Novi Sad Humanitarian Centre (Serbia)

Funding bodies: Stadt Wien (City of Vienna), Volkshilfe


Volkshilfe Solidarität
Tel.: +43  01 402 62 09

Mag.a Christine Gamper
International cooperation
Tel.: +43 676 83 40 22 37


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