Western Balkans

SEED 2 - Support of Educational and Employment Development

Training and employment measures in Albania, Serbia and Kosovo

Western Balkan states are countries in transition: progressive democratisation and economic upturn on the one hand, people partly suffering from poverty and unemployment on the other. In rural areas, this situation is particularly serious for women and youths.

In January 2014, Volkshilfe launched SEED (Support of Educational and Employment Development in Albania, Kosovo and Serbia), a programme aimed at supporting those in risk of poverty. In collaboration with local partner organisations, SEED provides assistance to women and youths in entering the labour market. Since the project stands for sustainable development aid, its focus is not only on job-creating, hence income-generating measures, but also on education.

The programme is financed by ADA (Austrian Development Agency). In 2016, the first project cycle was successfully completed. Due to SEED’s excellent results it was extended by a second project cycle of three years. Follow-up project SEED Step 2 has started in January 2017.

Again, Volkshilfe supports partner organisations and staff as well as their target groups in the programme countries. In addition, unemployed people and more than 2 000 companies in all regions where SEED Step 2 has initiated local partnerships for employment (LPEs) benefit from Volkshilfe’s long-standing experience and professional expertise.

The objectives of the programme are:

  • enhanced employability of women and youths
  • better opportunities on the labour market as well as in self-employment under decent working conditions based on gender equality
  • cooperation between local governments, the business sector and companies on employment matters (LPE – Local Partnership for Employment)
  • strengthened local partner organisations via knowledge and know-how transfer

Project information

Country (region):

  • Albania (Shokdra, Puka, Lezha and Korça)
  • Kosovo (Pec, Gjakova and Prizren)
  • Serbia (Apatin, Kula, Surdulica, Vladicin Han und Šabac)

Duration: January 2017 - December 2019

Project partners: 

  • Community Development Center "Today for the Future" (CDC-TFF; Albania)
  • Syri I Vizionit (Kosovo)
  • NSHC - Novi Sad Humanitarian Centre (Serbia)
  • Tara International Consulting

Funding bodies: Austrian Development Agency (ADA), Volkshilfe


Volkshilfe Solidarität
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Mag.a Christine Gamper
Programm-Management SEED
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