Western Balkans

SEED - Support of Educational and Employment Development

Supporting training and employment measures for women and young people in Kosovo and Serbia

The COVID-19 crisis has significantly slowed down the economic upswing that the countries of the Western Balkans have experienced in recent years, and there are also many setbacks in terms of democratic development. Women and young people are particularly affected by unemployment and poverty, especially in rural areas.

To support the population at risk of poverty, Volkshilfe launched the SEED project (Support of Educational and Employment Development) in 2014. In cooperation with local organizations, young people and women are supported in entering the labor market and actors from the fields of administration, education, business and civil society are assisted in establishing Local Partnerships for Employment in order to develop and implement employment measures.

Due to its very good results, the project was extended for the second time and entered its third phase in January 2020.

The framework for the current SEED Step III program is the well-established partnership between Volkshilfe and the local partner organizations, as well as the eight participating municipalities - Peja, Gjakova and Prizren in Kosovo and Šabac, Apatin, Kula, Surdulica and Vladicin Han in Serbia.

Our goals are...

  • to contribute to poverty reduction through improved employability and labour market integration of young people and women
  • to contribute to gender equality & sustainable development of the labor markets in Kosovo and Serbia
  • to promote social innovation, cooperation and networking on regional and transnational level

Our activities...

  • New educational offers for the further development of professional skills and abilities, as well as for self-employment
  • Support services for start-ups as well as small and medium-sized enterprises
  • Capacity development for the Local Partnerships for Employment
  • Infrastructure measures and equipment for training centers and vocational schools
  • Competence development for teachers and adult educators
  • Grants for entrepreneurial initiatives
  • Exchange of know-how and annual transnational conference on issues related to labour market development, employment and gender equality

About SEED Step 3

Country (region):

  • Kosovo (Pec, Gjakova and Prizren)
  • Serbia (Apatin, Kula, Surdulica, Vladicin Han and Šabac)

Duration: January 2020 - December 2022

Project partners: 

  • Syri I Vizionit, Kosovo
  • Novi Sad Humanitarian Centre (NSHC), Serbia
  • TARA International Consulting, Serbia

Funding bodies: Austrian Development Agency (ADA), Volkshilfe

Success Story
SEED Step II: Success Stories 2017-2019


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