Emergency assistance and reconstruction

Restoring life in Beirut

On August 4, 2020 in the evening a massive explosion shook the Lebanese capital, Beirut. The explosion was centred in the port area in Beirut. The explosion killed at least 180 individuals and injured over 6,500 and made 300,000 persons homeless

Emergency health intervention

Immediately after the explosion Mousawat in agreement with Volkshilfe sent a mobile clinic to Beirut to assist injured people, with a focus on PWD, in the following districts: Karantina – Jimmayzeh – Jeitawi – Sassine – Ras El Nabei,  which were all heavily affected by the explosion and are close to the harbor. This emergency health intervention took place from 8th of August till 17th of August 2020 (10 days) and reached out to 650 persons with 784 services such as: Medical check-ups, wound dressings, provision of medications, provision of assistive devices and referals to other institutions for secondary, tertiary treatment.

Recovery intervention

The project aims to provide household rehabilitation support for 103 households with PWDs and / or elderly who are not able to meet their shelter needs. The rehabilitation is aimed to restore their normal living conditions again and will consist of: replacement of broken glass windows, aluminium frames, false ceiling panels, and dislocated doors inside and outside damaged houses.

Project Information

Region: Beirut
Duration: August 2020 – April 2021
Project partner: Mousawat Organization
Funding body: Neighbour in Need, AWO International, Volkshilfe, ADH


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