Humanitarian assistance in Aleppo and Idlib

Winterisation and Covid-19 Prevention in Aleppo and Idlib

The war in Syria which has been ongoing for about a decade, has destroyed large parts of the country and driven large parts of the population to flee. Around 4.6 million people are dependent on humaitarian aid to meet their basic needs such as shelter, food, water and health.

The project regions (Aleppo province, Afrin region & Idlib region) are located in northwestern Syria, where the Syrian government has recently ceased to exercise formal control. This region has the highest number of internally displaced people in Syria, over 50% are children. The recent economic downturn, marked by the instability of the Syrian Pound (SYP), has eroded the purchasing power of people in northwest Syria even more. One study indicates that the minimum amount of money that people need to buy items essential to their survival has increased by 67% from May to June 2020 when the value of the SYP plummeted, largely due to the increase of prices for food items.

The objective of the project is to secure the basic needs of IDPs and vulnerable host communities in rural areas of Idlib and Aleppo with the region of Afrin and to contribute to improve their living conditions to live in dignity.

Within the project activities families in need will receive daily bread rations and parcels with basic food on monthly basis. The project also supports people in need with Non-Food Items (NFI) consisting of matrasses and blankets. Further, in informal camps the project provides clean water on daily basis, builds latrines and showers and supports solid waste collection. Damaged houses will be made inhabitable to host most vulnerable IDP families.

With support of Neighbour in Need 3,000 children will receive warm clothing, scarfs and cloves for the winter of 2021 and 500 families (3,000 people) will receive hygiene kits for 2 months. As part of the hygiene kit distribution beneficiaries will also be informed about Covid-19 and prevention activities.

This project is funded by Neighbour in Need (NIN), the project is implemented with our German partner arche noVa - Initiative for People in Need e.V. and our local partner BONYAN.




Project information

Region: Province Aleppo, Afrin & Idlib
Duration: January - December 2021
Project partner: arche noVa, BONYAN
Donor:  Neighbour in Need, Volkshilfe


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