Emergency Aid after the Hurricane

When Cyclone Idai destroyed vast areas of farmland in Mozambique in 2019, entire villages became uninhabitable, crops were destroyed and supplies were wiped out. The project run by Volkshilfe and partner Solidar Suisse at the time therefore focused on rapid disaster relief. It was primarily a matter of rebuilding the water supply and providing people with food.

In the beginning, seeds and agricultural equipment were distributed to quickly cultivate the fields, but a few months later there was already a regional agricultural market where these could be purchased with the help of vouchers. This strengthened the local economy and gave people the opportunity to decide for themselves what they wanted to buy.


In 2021, two years later, it is still too dangerous for a large part of the displaced to resettle in their original villages. Cyclone Eloise brought renewed destruction at the beginning of the year. In order to be able to continue supporting the affected people in their reconstruction, Volkshilfe and its partner Solidar Suisse launched a follow-up project in July that will run until the end of 2022.

The idea: Agricultural training should equip people as best as possible for the challenges of climate change. Techniques such as drying and curing are to be taught, in other words everything that has to do with processing and preservation. At its heart, it's about producing more and storing it better. Products refined in this way also have a better chance of being sold.

A special feature of the project: It is both innovative and inclusive. People with disabilities are to receive more support, via special home gardens with raised beds, for example. Innovative agricultural techniques are also being tested to leave a smaller footprint and contribute less to climate change.


Region: The 3 regions of Buzi, Sussundenga and Gondola in the heart of Mozambique
Duration: 01.07.2021 - 31.12.2022
Project partner: Solidar Suisse
Funding bodies: Volkshilfe

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