To this day, the earthquake of 2015 has left devastation in Nepal. The Bandipur region - close to the epicenter of the quake - can only be reached through unpaved road by foot. Most of the houses and infrastructure were severely damaged by the earthquake.

The challenges for the village of Kalchowk are manyfold. The majority of the population are small farmers with little income. There is a shortage of water and everyone is dependent on medical help and education from outside. On top, there is hardly any support from the government.

In cooperation with Children of the Mountain Austria and Naturfreunde Niederösterreich, Volkshilfe has started the reconstruction of the Bandipur school, with five class rooms and toilet facilities. The completed school building in Kalchowk will not only provide education for all primary school children in the region, but should also be used as an educational center for the whole village in the future.

Project Informationen

Region: Nepal, Bandipur/Kalchowk
Duration: March 2018 - November 2019
Project partners: Children of the Mountain & Naturfreunde Niederösterreich


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