Northern Syria

Emergency Aid for Earthquake Victims in Northern Syria

Volkshilfe is currently focusing primarily on the distribution of emergency aid packages in the north of Syria following the severe earthquake in the Turkish-Syrian border region on February 6. The project is aimed at people affected by the earthquake in two regions of the Kurdish autonomous administration.

Temporary emergency camps have been set up around Azaz and in the Afrin area. Most of the people fleeing to these camps come from the city of Jenderis, 80 percent of which has been destroyed. The partner organization Sawaedna Suriya is taking care of distributing emergency aid packages in the emergency shelters. Sawaedna already has many years of experience in setting up distribution systems and emergency aid and is providing the following relief supplies:

  • Food packages
  • Blankets and mattresses
  • Hygiene kits
  • Heating material
  • Baby milk and diapers

In this region will be reached 500 families, 2500 people.

In the district of Sheikh Maqsoud, a Kurdish-administered district in Aleppo, where many buildings were destroyed by the earthquake and more than 60 buildings are no longer habitable and at risk of collapse, emergency shelters have been set up in large tents, schools or former wedding halls. In Sheikh Maqsoud, the partner organization Hiro - Center for Dialogue and Rehabilitation Hiro takes care of the organization procurement and distribution of the following relief supplies and works in close coordination with other local actors:

  • Food packages
  • Hygiene kits
  • Baby milk and diapers

In this region 250 families, 1250 people, will be reached 2 times a month for a period of 3 months.

Insgesamt werden mit diesem Projekt 750 Familien, rund 3750 Personen, direkt unterstützt. Die Hilfspakete werden an die Bedürfnisse der Familien (Alter und Geschlecht) angepasst.

Project Information

Region: North Syria

Project Partner: Sawaedna Suriya

Funding Cources:  AWO International, Volkshilfe Spende


Volkshilfe Solidarität
Alicia Allgäuer, Projektleitung
Email: alicia.allgaeuer[at]


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