Northern Syria

Earthquake Relief for People with Disabilities

The earthquake in the Turkish-Syrian border region has caused significant damage to infrastructure, homes and buildings. This has led to the displacement of thousands of people, including people with disabilities who are particularly vulnerable in emergency situations.

This aid project therefore supports people with disabilities and their families in the region around Aleppo with the following emergency and rehabilitation measures:

  • Provide needs-based and tailored supplies for immediate assistance and support to people with disabilities (e.g., medications, infant formula, food packages, hygiene kits, women's supplies, clothing, etc.)
  • Provision of emergency accommodation
  • Providing mobility aids such as wheelchairs and crutches to people with disabilities who lost their mobility due to the earthquake
  • Facilitate the rehabilitation of people with disabilities through physical therapy and training and orientation in the use of mobility aids/assistive devices
  • Psychosocial support
  • Training caregivers*, family members, and community members in supporting people with disabilities in emergency situations

The following improvements will be achieved through the implementation of the project:

  • Improved care and rehabilitation opportunities for 400 people with disabilitiesent
  • Improved access to emergency assistance and support for 150 people with disabilities and their families (about 900 people in total)
  • Knowledge and acquisition of specific skills of 60 caregivers, family members and community members in supporting people with disabilities

In total, this project supports about 2400 people directly and another 4000 people indirectly

Project Information

Region: Northern Syria   

Project Partner: Mousawat

Funding Bodies:  AWO International, Volkshilfe Spende


Volkshilfe Solidarität
Alicia Allgäuer, Project management
Email: alicia.allgaeuer[at]


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