Western Sahara

Promoting Maternal and Infant Health

Support for mother and child in camps for Sahrawi refugees

The Saharawis in the Moroccan-occupied territories of Western Sahara and those who have been living in camps in Algeria for over 45 years urgently need help from outside. Around 160,000 inhabitants live in refugee camps in a desert area that offers the Algerian refugees insufficient access to drinking water, excludes self-sufficiency in food and makes medical care extremely difficult or even impossible in some case

The maternal and infant health project aims to reduce life-threatening situations and the mortality rate of mothers and infants during childbirth by improving medical care for pregnant women, women giving birth and infants.

In 2014, Volkshilfe Solidarität initiated the "Raise your hand for Western Sahara" campaign, through which information about the Western Sahara issue was publicised and supporters could post photos. The aim was to raise awareness at Austrian and European level.

Project Informations

Region: Algeria, Tindouf (Sahrawi refugee camps)

Duration: Since the 80s until today

Funding Bodies: Volkshilfe

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Volkshilfe Solidarität
Alicia Allgäuer, Project Manager


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