Emergency Aid and Reconstruction after the Earthquake

Earthquake relief in Sheikh Maqsoud (Aleppo)


The project supports earthquake victims in the Sheikh Maqsoud district, which belongs to the Kurdish Autonomous Administration in Aleppo. Many buildings there were destroyed by the earthquake and more than 60 buildings are no longer habitable and are in danger of collapsing. Emergency shelters have been set up in large tents and schools.

The situation is still critical and continues to require urgent humanitarian aid. Volkshilfe is supporting the population by providing relief supplies such as food parcels and hygiene kits to 500 families per month. On the other hand, reconstruction and rehabilitation measures are being implemented to restore a sense of security.

  • Covering basic needs through the monthly distribution of food parcels and hygiene kits (especially long-life food, baby milk and baby food).
  • Repair of doors and windows damaged by the earthquake.
  • Installation of solar street lamps in the main streets for more safety, especially for women.
  • Group activities to strengthen psychosocial resilience and social cohesion.


The measures are implemented and coordinated locally by the Hiro Centre for Dialogue and Rehabilitation. The partner organisation provides direct support in the form of food, hygiene and sanitary products as well as psychological support and peace work.


Project Partner: Hiro Center for Dialog and Rehabilitation

Duration: 2022-2024

Funding Bodies: AWO International, Volkshilfe


Volkshilfe Solidarität
Alicia Allgäuer, Project Manager


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