Improved Accommodation Conditions for Refugees

Emergency aid in Kamyanets-Podilskyj

Kamyanez-Podilskyi is a rural district in the west of Ukraine, close to the border with Romania and Moldova. The area is considered relatively safe, which is why many people from the active combat zones in the east and south have sought refuge there.

As part of this project, Volkshilfe is improving the accommodation conditions in two refugee centres in Velykyi Zhvanchyk and Tomashivka. The residents of the centres include many families, people with traumatic war experiences and psychological problems, as well as elderly people who had to be evacuated from care facilities in the active combat zones. The sanitary facilities, kitchens and living quarters at both locations are now being renovated or extended. Volkshilfe is also providing funds for ongoing operations, psychological support and food supplies for the refugees.

The project is financed by the Austrian Development Cooperation.

Project Information

Project Partner: International Federation of Social Workers

Duration: 2023-2024

Funding Bodies: Austrian Development Agency, Volkshilfe


Franz Josef Berger
Project Manager Humanitarian Aid in Ukraine


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