For thirty years, MOPAO has been focusing on local knowledge and new methods of organic farming. With a comprehensive way of working, starting with the cultivation of soil life through the production of organic fertilizer and crop rotation, a type of cultivation is pursued that promotes diversity and benefits the health of the soil and people. The systematic preservation of old, local seeds for fruit and vegetables creates diversity, independence from the agro-industry and an opportunity to better cope with an increased incidence of extreme weather events such as drought and heavy rainfall.

These aspects of organic farming, as well as the passing on and further development of knowledge about it, strengthen local structures and the social significance of farmers. It also creates jobs and additional income through the sale of fruit, vegetables and honey at regional markets.

The measures are implemented locally by the Movimiento Popular de Agricultura Organica (MOPAO) co-operation. In this cooperation, 12 organisations (farmers, local women’s organisations, the Salzburg association INTERSOL, experts from Austria and El Salvador, a radio station and a municipality) have joined forces to work together as equals.

Project information

Funding bodies: Regional Cooperation Salzburg-San Vicente, Volkshilfe
Project partners: INTERSOL/MOPAO
Period: 2023-2024
Region: San Vicente in El Salvador


Mag.a Alicia Allgäuer