Protection and labour market integration in Lviv

Violence against women was already a major problem before the war escalated in February 2022. In 2021, the police reported 15,000 cases of domestic violence in Lviv alone. The majority of cases were against women. Women’s protection organisations report that there has been a further increase in domestic and sexual violence against women due to the war.

Volkshilfe is working closely with the city administration of Lviv on this project. They will take over the women’s shelter after the project is completed and continue to run it, thus ensuring the sustainability of the project.

In addition, women are supported in developing new sources of income. New business ideas are developed and put into practice. Basic business knowledge is taught in training courses and mentors help to develop business plans. Some women now work as hairdressers, others have set up their own businesses as seamstresses, and still others are trying their hand at cooking and baking. Many make products such as dolls, felt toys or candles.

Project information

Project Partner: AWO International, Walnuss-Haus Stiftung

Duration: 2022-2024

Funding Bodies: AWO International, Volkshilfe


Mag. Franz Josef Berger
Projektleitung Humanitäre Hilfe Ukraine