Repair of war damage in Butscha

Volkshilfe is helping families to repair their damaged flats and houses – replacing damaged windows and doors, repairing roofs and repairing walls that have been damaged by bullets. This enables people to return to their flats and houses, which can be heated again.

As part of this project, Volkshilfe also supports communities in repairing war damage to schools and kindergartens and improving air raid shelters. By 2023, repair work on 11 buildings has been financed. Over 3,500 children have benefited from this work.

The condition of these shelters is particularly poor in many locations. The rooms are damp, poorly lit, cold, poorly ventilated and have no or too few toilets. Investments will be made to improve the shelters at five kindergartens by the end of 2024.

All work is carried out by local companies and craftsmen. This revitalises the local economy and creates new jobs.

Project information

Project Partner: Narodna Dopomoha Ukraine (NDU)

Duration: 2022-2024

Funding Bodies: Nachbar in Not, Volkshilfe


Mag. Franz Josef Berger
Projektleitung Humanitäre Hilfe Ukraine