Volkshilfe has been supporting refugees and people in need in Lebanon since 2017 with a mobile clinic for the care of people with disabilities, especially children. Even in times of COVID-19 and the worsening economic and supply crisis, support has been guaranteed in recent years. The project is now being continued and the support extended.

In addition, the project now also supports older people who live in precarious situations and have no access to medical care.

With the help of a mobile clinic, basic medical services such as general medical examinations, provision of medication, rapid Covid19 tests, nursing care, physiotherapy and psychosocial counselling are offered in 8 regions.

In addition to basic medical care, additional aids such as wheelchairs, crutches and walking aids to promote mobility are financed for people with disabilities.

In order to promote financial independence, additional income-generating projects are being created for ten people with disabilities. As a pilot project, it is intended to provide insights that will be incorporated into the design of future economic empowerment projects.

The mobile clinic and the local team are also trained in emergency care for refugees.  Due to the current precarious security situation, emergency stocks of medicines, food and hygiene products have been set up to be prepared for emergencies.

The measures are being implemented and coordinated on site by the partner organisation Mousawat. Mousawat has 35 years of experience in working as a service provider and lobbyist for the rights of people with disabilities. The most important areas of work are rehabilitation, healthcare, protection and emergency aid.

Project information

Region: Beirut, Mount Lebanon

Duration: 2023-2025

Project Partner: Mousawat

Funding Bodies: AWO International, Volkshilfe


Mag.a Alicia Allgäuer

SERBIEN & KOSOVO: Altersfreundliche Gemeinschaften

Projekt zur Verbesserung der Lebensbedingungen älterer Menschen in Serbien und im Kosovo.